Activity 2.6


Material covering all of the topics of the master will be produced.
The deployment of the master will span 12 months. The workload that the attendees will be assigned with is quantified as 60 ECTS. The master will be organized in 12 modules, comprising frontal lessons, e-learning lessons (relying on the ICT platform to be developed in WP.3), home assignments, visits, team projects, intermediate evaluations and final exams. Frontal lessons, intermediate and final exams will take place at TASHUIT, TUITKAB, TASPEMI and NUKPEMI at the same time. The 20 attendees (12 as students, 8 as trainees) will also enjoy one-month internships at sites of the EU partners throughout the 12th month of program: attendees from Plan A will spend time at the laboratories of VILNUNI and MEDUPLO as part of their practical education in the application of specialized equipment; similarly, attendees from Plan B will intern in the laboratories of UNIPEMC and PLUX to have a first-hand experience on design and implementation of systems for rehabilitation.
Each EU internship site will host 3 students and 2 trainees at the same time.